Containers have unusual compressed walls – these are not flat surfaces that deflect the roots and start the process of circular pile-up of roots. This container consists of closed cones directed inwards and open cones directed outwards. Air pruning dries out the tip of the root, thus encouraging the root to continuously branch. Read more

8 year UV warranty

What is air pruning?


Air pruning is a technique of developing healthy, fibrous, uncircumcised root structures on plant (roots are not intertwined)

Advantages of OXYGENA

  • Particularly reinforced bottom with 4-6 legs, which enables pot volume up to 100 liters. That way pot is raised from the ground and better drainage is achieved. Also, this hard plastic grid bottom is an impenetrable barrier for moles and similar pests.
  • White exterior color reduces the heating of the plant roots
  • Good price of the product
  • 8 year warranty on UV stability
  • Large selection of colors
  • Short delivery time from the warehouse
  • Upon request, the price can be offered for quantities less than 1000 pcs.
  • 100% made in Europe!
  • high fraction of small roots
  • no growth of ring roots
  • increases yields
  • simplifies production
  • reduces the need for transplantation
  • provides top performance in extreme weather conditions

How does it work?


Air chipping systems exploit the natural response that root peaks have in contact with air. The growing root tip will stop growing, and the tip will shrivel when it comes into contact with the air. This event creates a hormonal signal that spreads back to the stem-root compound and initiates the growth of a new root in the form of branch roots and new roots emerging from the compound itself. In this way, air harvesting stimulates the formation of a large number of fibrous roots that all go in their direction

Realized high bush blueberry plantations in Europe

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